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McLeod Media started
as a hobby...

In 2015, a 16 year old Tenayah McLeod picked up a camera and started filming her brother race his motorbike.

From there, she fell in love.

The process of having a skill to continuously improve on, and always having something new to learn.

The idea of having some many different elements to master, and being able to consistently improve a craft was exciting.

McLeod Media was merely a dream. It was a hobby and a passion that quickly turned into a career.

Meet Tenayah.

I am a lot of things... a lover of creating and telling stories, a digital marketing nerd, a personal development geek, an avid television binger, a stubborn overachiever, a small town country kid, a lifter of heavy things... but I'm also just a young woman who was told she couldn't do it, doing her best to prove that she can.

A few other random facts about me...

I grew up in Grafton, NSW, and moved to Melbourne when I was 18 to study at a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University and to chase after my dream of working for a Supercars team.

I spent my childhood travelling all around Australia racing motocross. Motobikes were super fun to film, and this is where my passion for creating and videography all started.

My main hobby outside of McLeod Media is going to the gym and weight training. I love having goals external to my business that I can work hard and push myself to achieve.

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